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Westminster Housing Co-op (WHC) is a housing co-operative with over 30 years of experience working throughout the Greater London area.


WHC is a member of the National Housing Federation and registered with the Financial Services Authority under number 29056R.

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Established in 1982
A short life history

Westminster Housing Co-op is a small co-op with offices based in West London.  We are completely self- funded by our rents and we have charitable aims.  We have around 100 properties and house just over 120 people.  To continue to provide housing we are always looking for empty property.  In return for borrowing properties Westminster Housing Co-op keep properties occupied and well maintained, completed essential works providing an invaluable service to property owners.


Set up in 1982 with the original concept of providing short term housing for homeless people, Westminster Short Life Housing (as it was originally called) quickly became something more long term than it was first set up to be.  It became vital for young and creative people who would otherwise not have been able to afford to live in London.

Its first properties were in Gloucester Place, Pimlico and 6 people were housed.  It was provided by the illustrious sounding “World of Property Housing Trust”!  The WSLH grew steadily at that time and at its height managed over 300 properties and housed 400 people.

Empty properties were prolific at that time so the co-op tried to harness the potential of the vast number in London.

The Empty Homes Agency was set up in 1992.   This complemented WLSH’s role by providing contacts and properties which were pursued and this brought in many properties.  The co-op were loaned properties from other housing providers and private owners alike.

It was a lifeline at the time to homeless and single people, those on low incomes and anyone who could not get access to subsidised public or social housing.


Over the years Westminster Housing Co-op has built up valuable relationships with some of the Housing Providers who have loaned us properties.  We are lucky enough to get permanent nominations from Walterton & Elgin Community Homes, Seymour Housing and Islington Community Housing Co-op and North Camden Housing Co-op. Octavia Housing have transferred two of our members recently to their own tenancies.  This means that occasionally a long standing member who has consistently paid their rent and played a part in the co-op can be offered permanent housing.


Westminster Housing Co-op is a member led organisation and tenants are encouraged to get involved, by joining a committee and especially by keeping an open eye for any empty properties. There is very little funding now for small housing projects so be pro-active in keeping abreast in housing initiatives.   New blood and fresh ideas are always welcome.

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