Westminster Housing Co-op (WHC)

A simple & totally cost-free solution to managing empty properties



·  Take on property in any state of disrepair.


·  Manage property from as little as a six-month lease, for as long as you require.


·  House tenants in need in properties that would otherwise be empty.


·  Consistently return properties to the owners on time. 


·  Manage 48 units on a permanent management agreement with a registered social landlord.


·  Own 2 freehold properties outright.


·  Work with local authorities, large housing associations,

small co-ops and private landlords throughout London.


Our housing partners Include:

North Camden Housing Co-operative.

Islington Community Housing Co-operative

A2 Dominion

Chapter of Southwark Cathedral

Freshwater Developers

An Individual Person

L & Q Housing Association

Home Group

Network Homes.


 WHC is a member of the National Housing Federation and registered with the Financial Services Authority under number 29056R.  © 2019 

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